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EQ Mobile Coach™

Get a Grip on Your Day-to-Day Emotional Challenges

At your Company, do you want to:

  • Provide in-the-moment assistance to your employees to help them navigate tough situations?
  • Give your managers valuable, personalized leadership training without taking them
    off the job?
  • Identify trouble amongst the ranks before it begins to effect productivity?

And would you like to do it for less than $4 per person per year?*

There are a plethora of situations that trigger your employees during the workday, like feeling overwhelmed with their workload, feeling as if they are being disrespected by their boss, having conflicts with co-workers over missed deadlines or differences in work ethic - and the list goes on.

Leaders have additional challenges not only managing their own emotional struggles, but also coaching their teams on a myriad of issues. And many managers have not had the luxury of leadership training, which adds to their challenges.

Instead of reacting in a way they may regret later, your employees can now get 24/7 assistance on their smart phone, iPad or tablet, or even their PC. EQ Mobile Coach™ will take them through a series of coaching questions to help them respond more productively and also provide them a best practices tip for how to handle their situation. It helps them move to a more logical mental place and away from an emotional one. What a great way to keep them productive!

Here's how it works:

They decide if the issue involves only themselves, involves others, or if they need to coach someone who reports to them. Then they choose the emotions they are feeling and the trigger situation that most closely matches their own.

They can choose to get a series of coaching questions to walk them through the process, or get a best practices coaching tip - or both. And if those don't help, they can request to talk to a coach.

As a representative for your company, you may purchase an annual license to EQ Mobile Coach™ for each of your employees. You have three choices: Bronze - the basic license, Silver - the customized license, and Gold - the reporting license.

Buying the Bronze license enables your employees to:

When you buy the Silver multi - user license, you may also:
If you wish to take advantage of having DayBreak Enterprises, LLC provide coaching through the I'd like to talk to a coach feature in EQ Mobile Coach™, call us to discuss the coaching rates. We offer a highly discounted coaching rate for our existing clients since we offer EQ Mobile Coach™ as a complementary service to our coaching, consulting and training. But if you just want to use EQ Mobile Coach™ without using our leadership development services, we can still provide you competitive coaching rates to address those daily challenges that can't be resolved with the coaching questions or tips in the app.

But buying the Gold multi-user license is the real added value because you can also:

To maintain anonymity and confidentiality of your employees, we provide only aggregate data.

Need an example? Let's say employees in two departments are using EQ Mobile Coach™ pretty regularly and the trigger situations they choose center around conflicts with colleagues. After reviewing the aggregate data, you suspect that these two departments are struggling with each other. You then make some targeted inquiries to the department managers and discover that there is indeed some tension between the departments. You just uncovered an opportunity to do some team building and get the two departments back on track! How valuable is that to the management team?

Of course, DayBreak Enterprises would be honored to design and facilitate a team building session tailored specifically to your needs.

Setup is quick and easy.

And there are No Maintenance or Update Fees, although we will be making periodic updates. Simply purchase your license and start adding more value to your employees right away. Your license will automatically renew each year unless you tell us not to. It's that easy!

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