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EQ Mobile Coach™

Get a Grip on Your Day-to-Day Emotional Challenges

Coaches, do you want to:

  • Attract new clients effortlessly?

  • Provide more value for existing clients?

  • Differentiate yourself from other coaches?

  • Boost your credibility as a trusted advisor through predictive analytics?

And would you like to do it for less than $4 per person per year?*

If you're like me, you've helped many of your clients navigate the emotional struggles they face in the workplace. Whether it's overcoming self-doubt, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, working through frustrations and anger, or handling some other form of mental anguish - you are the catalyst that helps them move forward. These coaching conversations are invaluable to your clients as they are part of a process moving them to their goals. But what about the smaller issues that come up day-to-day and may be unrelated to their coaching goals?

The truth is our clients are making thousands of choices every day and most of those choices are emotionally driven, according to neuroscience research. What if in the very moment they are faced with a decision how to respond to an emotionally charged situation they are able to get professional guidance?

For example, suppose your client has received a condescending email from a colleague that tends to rub them the wrong way. They have a knee-jerk reaction, write a nasty-gram back and an email war ensues. Nobody ever really wins an email war. What if instead they had an objective tool to walk them through a series of questions designed to lead them to a calm and productive response? Or perhaps review a tip on how to diplomatically handle condescending emails? Email war averted.

There are a plethora of situations that trigger us during the workday, like feeling overwhelmed with our workload, feeling as if we are being disrespected by our boss, having conflicts with our co-workers over missed deadlines or differences in work ethic - and the list goes on. Leaders have additional challenges in not only managing their own emotional struggles, but also coaching their team on a myriad of issues. And many managers have not had the luxury of leadership training, which adds to their challenges.

Instead of reacting in a way they may regret later, or calling you for some in-the-moment counsel only to discover you are with another client, they can now get 24/7 assistance on their smart phone, iPad or tablet, or even their PC. Granted it's not the same as talking to you because it's technology - of course it's not as smart and intuitive as you. However, it is an option to help them move to a more logical mental place and away from an emotional one. What a great value add to your coaching!

Here's how it works:

They decide if the issue involves only themselves, involves others, or if they need to coach someone who reports to them. Then they choose the emotions they are feeling and the trigger situation that most closely matches their own.

They can choose to get a series of coaching questions to walk them through the process, or get a best practices coaching tip - or both. And if those don't help, they can request to talk to a coach.

As a coach, you may purchase an annual license to EQ Mobile Coach™ for each of your clients. You have three choices: Bronze - the basic license, Silver - the customized license, and Gold - the reporting license.

Buying the Bronze license enables your clients to:

When you buy the Silver multi-user license, you may also:

But buying the Gold multi-user license is the real added value because you can also:
The data is not individual data per se, but aggregated data that maintains the confidentiality of the users and allows you to provide information on where their coaching needs lie. And of course you can offer your services to help them with that!

How would that work? Let's say employees in two departments are using EQ Mobile Coach™ regularly and the trigger situations they choose center around conflicts with colleagues. After reviewing the data, you can see that these two departments are struggling with each other. You then make some targeted inquiries to the client and discover that there is indeed some tension between the two departments. You just uncovered an opportunity to do some team coaching and get the two departments back on track! How valuable is that to the client? Plus, it builds your credibility as a trusted advisor.

Setup is quick and easy.
And the best part... you don't have to sell anything! Your license gives you the right to use EQ Mobile Coach™ and share it with your clients. Offering this tool to them FREE makes it a no-brainer. You may choose to charge them for reports or for the coaching time when you respond to I'd like to talk to a coach, but there is no fee for them to use EQ Mobile Coach™ once you purchase the annual license. And there is No Maintenance Fee. Simply purchase your license and start adding more value to your clients. Your license will automatically renew each year unless you tell us not to. It's that easy!


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