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EQ Mobile Coach™

Get a Grip on Your Day-to-Day Emotional Challenges

Do any of these struggles
sound familiar to you?

  • I'm stressed to the max!
  • I'm overwhelmed and out of control.
  • My boss never listens to me.
  • My co-workers are driving me crazy.
  • My customers make me want to pull my hair out.
  • I tend to fly off the handle sometimes.
  • I'm worried they're going to see I don't know what I'm doing.
  • I can't seem to stop procrastinating.
  • I can't get anything done due to interruptions.

How about if you are
in a leadership role?

  • I'm a VIPeon. I have the title but not the authority.
  • I manage people senior to me and they aren't respecting my authority.
  • Two of my employees are having a conflict and want me to play referee.
  • I have to give negative feedback and I dread it.
  • I need to get my team to be more motivated.
  • Some team members are not collaborating.
So what do you do in these situations? How do you get a grip on your emotions and make the most of the situation? Do you have someone you can talk to? Maybe a colleague you can vent to? Or are you lucky enough to have a coach to call - someone who is trained to help you get to a better mental place and handle the situation productively?

What if no one is available in the moment you need them? How much time do you waste stewing over it or worrying about it?

What if you had a coach you could access 24/7?

And what if that coach could walk you through a process to help you navigate your emotional challenges and figure out a productive next step?

Good News - EQ Mobile Coach™ is your solution!

Whether you are an Individual seeking to help yourself, or looking for a solution for your Company, or you are a Coach looking to provide added value to your clients, EQ Mobile Coach™ can help.

Coaches click here
to provide your clients more value, attract new clients, and increase your credibility.
Companies click here
to get a solution for your employees and do predictive analytics to avoid employee or departmental meltdowns.
Individuals click here
to get your own emotional intelligence coach 24/7.